Saturday, August 2, 2014

HAUL: Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters, & PacSun

I've picked up a few items over the the summer and I felt like I should share them with you guys! I'm also planning on doing a back to school haul (possibly a video) so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in!

PacSun was (and still might be) having a sale on their redline clearance and I grabbed a floral hoodie and a green jacket for $5.99 each!

PacSun: Floral Hoodie by LA:Hearts $5.99 Size Large

I wear this thing pretty much 24/7. I wear it around the house, to the store at midnight, out with friends - basically everywhere. It's super comfy and cute. It was an impulse buy but I think it's worth it.

Urban Outfitters was also having a sale when I stopped by. They had an extra 50% off all sale promotion so I purchased a few things. I don't remember the prices for all of the items.

UO: Floral High Waisted Shorts by BDG Denim $9.99 Size: 29

These are probably the shortest shorts I own but I love them! Being 5'7 usually causes me to stay away from short shorts but these are very flattering and don't expose too much.

UO: Cream Lace Shift Dress with side cut out detailing by Pins and Needles Size: Medium

I bought this dress because it reminded me of "festival" wear lol. I think it's cute, and it doesn't exactly suit me yet but I hope that after I shed a few more lbs it will work better!

UO: Cream Lace Asymmetrical Tank Top Size: Medium
I still haven't figured out how to wear this top but it was about $5-$10 so I like it!

UO: BDG flats; Size: 10; $5
I love these shoes and they match everything. If you ever see me out, I'm probably wearing these.

I hit up Buffalo Exchange when I was in downtown ATL and I purchased a sweatshirt, a pair of boots, and some keds!

That's basically it for my haul!

Thank you for reading!


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