Wednesday, February 12, 2014

☼KPOP☼ B1A4 - Lonely Album Unboxing + Photobook + Album Review

The Beautiful Poster~
I recently purchased B1A4's second full album Lonely! I pre-ordered the album from Kpop town (the ONLY place I buy my albums) and the pre-order gift was the predictable stills from the music video.

They're double sided mini calendar thingies~

My bias in B1A4 is Baro so of course I got the Baro cover.
Closeup of  Baro Cover
Before I go into the photobook, I'm going to do a quick review of each song!
01.Intro - Prologue
I never really listen to the intros and I don't  plan on listening to this one either!

I love this song for a myriad of reasons but if I had to choose why I adore it, it'd have to be the synths and the repetition of Lonely Lonely Lonely Boy~! Baro's rap is also flawless. AND THE MUSIC VIDEO!!! I adore the dance...ugh it's wonderful.

03.사랑 그땐 (Feat.하림)
B1A4 is a pop ballad group so this song fits the theme of the album perfectly. It's really cute too. I'll probably add this to my "Sleepytime" playlist! The harmonica is precious and again with the simple drum beat! 

I don't know why, but this song makes me want to walk down a really pretty street and swing on the trees! 
THE SYNTHS ON THIS ALBUM!! I'm probably going to listen to this song all the time just for the synths. The combination of Jinyoung's voice and the light instrumentals....This reminds me of like a Lonely remix. And BARO when he slow-raps I just fall off the side of sanity.

English? English? That was just the intro..good. How did I know they'd say "Oh My God" a bunch in this song lol. Well I like this song. Can't say there's anything that's going to make me die in it though.

I can already tell this is going to be a slow song... like not even ballad just slow. And it's Sandeul and Gongchan so you know it's time to take a nap. In terms of replay value, this will probably be one of my least played songs... but as far as overall sound, it's really sweet. So for that I'll say three stars.

Again this reminds me of cute activities (walking around the park similar to Barom's vlogs from back in the day!)! Jinyoung's voice is so hard to miss. I wonder what a Jinyoung/Niel collab would sound like...The brass sounds make my inner music producer smile haha!

For some reason, I feel like guys would like this song a lot! Maybe it's because this is the longest rap Baro has had so far in the album. Or maybe it's because of the rock vibe... Either way, I really like this song! It reminds me of Beast's Beautiful Night MV (not necessarily the song though haha). 

I'M NOT EVEN 30 SECONDS INTO THE SONG AND I'M ALREADY ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH IT. Go CNU! This makes up for his terrible hair and grandpa glasses~ This is definitely going to be a constant replay song. I get some Daft Punk vibes from this song too haha! Warning: There's a crapton of English in this song (compared to the others lol).

Baro's rapping again yay! I don't really have anything wonderful to say about this song other than just listen to it! It's hard to explain but it's happy and light~

12. Seoul
Oh yes lord this is a body roll song okay. I was wondering where the grind-on-your-oppa song was and here it is! 

Now onto the Photobook!

My Book Flipping Game #toolive

Baro is just THE CUTEST!

I made a LQ gif of my favorite pages of the photobook!

Download the full album here and comment below your favorite song and bias!


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