Thursday, January 30, 2014

Resolutions vs. Commitments

Hello all!

I've been putting off the creation of my professional blog for...a while. I dabbled with tumblr (and still do - to an extent) but I figured that it's not the best way to make my opinions/advice known. So here I am, on blogspot, preparing to finally make my blogging debut. First topic? New Year's Resolutions.

In elementary school, the first day back from Winter Break was always filled with worksheets requesting my 'New Year's Resolutions'. They were usually something like:

  • Make more friends (The majority of my childhood friends were terrible.)
  • Get better grades (I was a 85-100 student in elementary school - as most people were then!)
  • Be nicer to people (I was also...somewhat of a bully...)
  • etc..
Because of my resolutions' relative ease of completion, I always achieved them. But as the years progressed, and I actually began taking the concept of  "New Year, New You" seriously, I completed fewer and fewer of my resolutions. Something about the word resolution makes me think of planting your feet in the ground, triumphantly grunting an inspirational phrase, and jogging in place like a football player. I would begin with plans, charts, and all kinds of other motivational materials, but inevitably I wouldn't get past the starting point. I would jog in place for about a week or two and then collapse in a box of pork fried rice and beef and broccoli with reality tv sucking away my few functioning brain cells.

This year - in an attempt to actually change for the better before I start college in the fall - I've decided to make New Year's Commitments, rather than Resolutions.

My New Year's Commitments (in no particular order)
  • Eat Healthier 
    • And workout when I do indulge in coma-inducing Shin Ramyun or a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Be More Positive
    • Smile more and appreciate life 
  • Stop obsessing over weight
    • If I eat healthier and workout, the extra lbs will melt away (eventually)
  • Improve Posture
  • Take Better Care of my Hair
    • I've always had natural hair but I've had weave/braids for the past two years so I have no idea how long my hair is pressed! I'm going to get regular trims and co-wash more often this year! 
  • Drink More Water
    • Screw spending $100s on skincare remedies - water is key for skin/organ health
  • Blog/Vlog More!
    • Last fall, I dropped off the face of the earth (stopped Youtube-ing) for about 3 months and I vow to never take a hiatus like that again without warning my subscribers and creating a comeback plan!
  • Learn To Swim and Drive!
    • Yeah I can't even explain these away.
Those are just my most important commitments! Share yours in the comments - I'd love to incorporate some of your commitments into my plan for the year!

Thanks for reading!

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